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As far As I Can Remember:

Born, Raised, Schooled, Lived.


It all started in a Halmark moment in a small wood- frame house with all the five siblings  asleep, scattered a mong four beds, a rare quiet time.


Lottie and Clint took their pleasure that early May evening in what was to be making of their last baby to be born before being uprooted by the events of the Great Depression.

Addie Lou

James Clinton,

Don Carlos,

Bennie Eugene,

Willie Lee, and

Lloyd Ray

were those who would be transported to Denision, Texas  where it was hoped a better economic situation would be found. Four more would follow in a not so staggered order down in Grayson County, Texas:

Lawanda Gladys,

Betty Sue,

Alvin Levon,

Dora Cleo.

US Navy 1945, Long Beach, California

Boot camp in San Diego, Trained as a Medical Corpsman in San Diego and trained as Physical Therapist in Long Beach as the Naval Hospital.


I was transferred to the Fleet Marines and was at Port Hueneme awaiting a ship for duty in the Japanese sector when the war ended. Thank God for the Atomic Bomb.


I was my mother’s fourth son to join the military in WWII.  All volunteers. I was followed by her fifth son to join up:  Alvin Levon.


Don Carlos, a Cavalryman, was a career soldier at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked.


          James Clinton went into the Army and became a Seabee who was dispatched to build the Great Burma Road.


Bennie Eugene chose the Army and saw his first action landing at Salerno in Italy.


I was in the Navy recruiting office in Dallas on the morning of the 19th of January, 1945, just hours short of my 18th  birthday.   I passed the written tests and medical examinations and was sent off home to get the signature of a parent so I could be sworn in the next day.  The trip was made round trip on the Texas Electric Railway from Denison. 


      On my 18th birthday I was sworn in and that day put on a troop train being made up to go to San Diego California.


My virginity was in one piece. One piece because the first effort to lose it was stunted by embarrassment or timidity, fear, and premature ejaculation. I was ignorant to the core; ignorant about sex, the war, history… just ignorant. I was not stupid and I learned every day.



What I am doing today:  Sunday, March 10, 2013


I am promoting a great idea of one of my Sons.

You can see the web site HERE  Take a look. You might find it interesting or even find something you would like to do.    MORE Below

Today’ Suggestion:   The Counter Punch 
Open  Your Mind to Issues Up For Discussion.





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Born January 20, 1927 at Tolbert, Wilbarger County, Texas, and given the name of Lloyd Ray Winburn, I Married to Mary Esther Gaffney in Reno, Nevada in 1959.

I am the Proud father of
Mark Vincent,
Craig Voorhees and 
         Mary Jennifer
with Grand Children, the children of Jannifer
                         Anthony Philip,
                         Gregory Alexander,
                         Katarina Maria, all bearing the name de Lima,

And  Mark’s kids
                         Olivia Kristin,
                         Ryann Elizabeth,

             Garrett William, all bearing the family name Winburn


                                                                         Free as an Eagle Increasing eagle combat injuries signal a crowded population.                            

It seems that after 86 years one would become enured of the thrills of patriotism, by all the exposure to the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America amd America the Beautiful, Old Glory fully furled or folded into  a momento of a fallen comrad or noted citizen. It needs be only a few bars of the music or a glimps of a photograph revealing an unselfish or heroic moment to make me weep.   I weep in appreciation of my Country and God’s gift to me of the priviledge of being born and brought up in it.

My Country, Of The I Sing


It offends me deeply when my patriotism is questioned or doubted.  I believe and  allow others to believe; I have Faith and allow others to follow their own Faith unfettered by pressure or coersion  Those who wear the flag a symbol of their patriotism or announce their contribution of serving in the military in wars or put on a pios face as proof of the Faith gain nothing from me, neither tolerance or patience.


My tendency to broadcast my opinion is my right.  I do it and expect no more than that people tolerate my speaking my mind as a basic right… without bringing harm to others.  If someone feels put upon by what I say, they should listen well.  I do not think I suffer the ignorance of prejudice and do not lie about people. What I say or write reflects what I see, observe, read or feel.  So there, go figure….




My son has been approached by a major underwriter to come up with some plans for Community Development.  This is something Craig, my younger son is thoroughly qualified for.  He has been Project Manager, Owner’s Representative for investors in major project for the most part of his young life.


The investors he is working with want to develop projects as a ’Community’ set apart from the ordinary in that they have objectives beyond just providing housing.  They want to advance criteria that the community would be totally independent and would be off the grid for power, water and other services ordinarily provided for the over shadowing control.  Water must be circulated recaptured and reused; alternative measure must be put into use to cut down on the power consumptions;  public transportation would be utilized to cut down o the reliance on automobiles.  There will be community gardening to furnish basic healthy organize vegetable’s and fruits; there will be the promotion of industry to create new jobs; there would be  health facilities, educational facilities and commercial activity to provide the necessities of families would be owned and operated by community residents.


I think there are a great number of possibilities here and they have been put down on the web site


Take a LOOK

Choose an enterprise where you think you can succeed and love life. Talk to me about it.





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